Jason Fritz

Caring for people and their trees

Jason's Tree Service

You can find tree companies with bigger trucks, but not with bigger hearts

15 years ago, after seeing the way people and their properties were sometimes treated by the 'big guys' of tree service, I decided there had to be a way to do business with greater integrity, showing care for people, their trees, their yards and their neighbors.  My wife Lisa and I took a risk, bought a truck and some gear, assembled a like-minded crew, and I've been happily providing my brand of tree service here in the East Bay ever since. 

Happily serving my East Bay community since 2001

I care for you like you're a neighbor, because you are!

You have a choice of who you do business with....

And I certainly hope you choose to work with me and my hard-working crew. We will offer a fair price, listen closely to your needs, get our work done professionally and efficiently, and leave minimal footprint. We have to deliver level of service,  because after all, my name and cell phone # is on everything we do!